Masterplan Parco delle Scienze _ Padova

place: Ex Foro Boario – Padua – Italy

project: concept of a science park and a redevelopment of a space without identity

customer: Comune di Padova, Assessorato al Patrimonio

year: 2015

andrearabito® role:

  • architectural concept: masterplan
  • graphics

The idea is to regenerate all the space and transform a place indefinitely and not used in a living space with the new Parco delle Scienze. The strategic location of this area enables accessibility by urban main entrances, is also a possible link to the city center and the western suburbs.
The basis of this process of regeneration, there is a view of holding a series of social realities: professionals, citizens, governments, associations, through which it will be possible to realize the action using European funds. The proposed project includes the construction of a sustainable science park, a multifunctional space, attracting and regenerating the surrounding reality in order to ensure greater cohesion between the existing facilities and infrastructure.
The functions provided are a museum of space and scientific research with particular interest in the teaching and learning of children, a planetario, multi-purpose facilities for shows and events, space laboratories and incubators of ideas and businesses. Particular attention concerns the construction of a research center for urban monitoring and sustainable development of the city in a growth in line with the European smart city. The idea of creating a science park will allow for greater cohesion of the European scientific attention.
The science park is the result of a set of functions related to scientific research, exhibition and sustainable development of the territory.
The proposed project includes the regeneration of a defined area and its connection with the surrounding urban areas. The area offers a range of scientific areas:
– Science Museum and Planetario
as an element of identity and urban attractor, a place for education and testing of the science of natural phenomena, particularly for the smallest for which they have provided spaces for teaching, workshops and gardens.
– A multi-purpose facility for events and shows, where you can host theatrical performances, video projections, public meetings.
– A research center and urban surveillance to ensure the sustainable development of the territory. Added to that is an incubator of ideas and businesses.
– A metro train station that will connect the park with the main tourist towns in the area.