La Croisette Rehabilitation Project _ Les Menuires

place: La Croisette – Les Menuires – France

project: rehabilitation of ski and mountain’s sport station

customer: Marie de Belleville, ArchTopics

year: 2016

andrearabito® role:

  • architectural concept: project

Falling leaves on the mountain fine woods, snow lies on alpine rocks.

The focus of the project is the rehabilitation of the building, then take advantage of existing functional potential, through a process of improving the usability level.

The organization of the functions has been redesigned considering the needs of both the summer and winter, redistributing the spaces of commercial activities, accommodation facilities and services, maintaining the same areas and rationalizing the inner hallway.

The opening of a major new access favors a permeable use of the building at the service of the two fronts upstream / downstream.

A large patio combines the outdoor spaces (upstream) of the accommodation facilities and the continuity of a path covered by a canopy from the Alpine shapes made up of thin slabs of Pioda and a solid wood frame XLAM, in the best Alpine tradition.

In this way, born a square downstream of the building where there are, in addition to the main entrance, other secondary entrances served by ramps and stairs, and a large upstream space, like a big “amphitheater”, focuses on alpine activities its stage.

This large space has been optimized in pathways and three long stone seats have been included. Here are placed 28 small prefab, which combine the function of classic tables of mountain rest areas and to provide shelter from the sun, snow and rain.