CPFsB _ Paris

place: Avenue Rabelais – Fontenay-sous-Bois, Paris – France

project: offering of a project for a multipurpose center, an identity for a place

year: 2012

andrearabito® role:

  • architectural concept

The area where there is a space of this project is particularly complex, the eastern suburbs of Paris, to Fontenay-sous-Bois, where the contrast with the green and large buildings such as the Tower of the Redoubt and surrounding buildings.
Just them the challenge was to design a multifunctional center to return a concrete slab, a place without identity, the inhabitants of these true vertical cities with thousands of people.
The concept is to divide the functions in three volumes together in the basement, which take the form of degrading the surrounding buildings that emphasize instead. They are configured for three buildings of different heights and base area, many places in L, containing the various functions of the Centre (CPFsB).
The highest building, find space a dance hall, a multipurpose room and a café on level -1. In the main building, and less than the previous year, they are placed instead of a lounge and an auditorium on the ground 0 and -1.
These two buildings, the design with access to level -1, then the rue Borough, are united by the lobby in its exterior is protected by a wall that access to the very space of the space between the filter and the district center.
The third building, the smaller, independent of the other two, and access from the garden level 0, you have levels 0 and -1 and is placed in a library, for anyone who wants to read a book or loosen.
Divide the functions, but unite in the garden or the room comes from the idea of making use of the most dynamic, not by imposing a single path for access.
This multifunctional center is not only a workplace, but it is a place that gives a new identity, where the district has regained its centrality in its citizens who live in a social space.