Paris Bagnolet 4X1=5espace

place: Rue Blanche – Bagnolet, Paris – France

project: offering of a project for a system of individual houses in a social space

year: 2013

andrearabito® role:

  • architectural concept

Design a housing system formed by groups of houses with the same 3x9x9m rectangular.
Enter in this form of the floors that would create a space for families.
The idea of open space that extends vertically to enjoy the light from three openings, two opal and facing south, that illuminate the environment.
The study of the light passing through the spaces.
The media that are connected inside one another and with the outside. The place is the eastern suburbs of Paris, between the Parc Jean Moulin and the highly populated district of Bagnolet, in a narrow strip of land, located on the border between these two areas.
The houses are surrounded by greenery in groups of four.
The four housing forming a central space, the social space.
Four houses, five spaces, they become a single area of social sharing.

This is 4X1=5